Grasping For Wind

"I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and indeed, all is vanity and grasping for the wind."

I’m in this picture I promise haha. I’m throwing back to rafting at Cecky Krumlov with the Prague crew. I will never forget the dancing clown. Btw I stole this picture from @casscoleman
One last photo of Howth before I leave Ireland and head home to Orlando. It has been an amazing summer filled with great memories and new friends. (at Howth Harbour)
Bomb ass Bookstore. It had loads of antiques books at dirty cheap.  (at Keats & Chapman)
Belfast Titanic Quarter (at Titanic Quarter)
Commercial Court in the Belfast Cathedral Quarter. #Belfast #vsco #vscocam  (at Cathedral Quarter, Belfast)
The Dock is one of the most inspiring coffee shops I’ve ever been too. It’s run by donation with the pure goal of fostering community and love in the city of Belfast. Belfast has been for 40 years a city divided along religious and political lines. Many have died and now they are rebuilding and trying to foster peace. The new Belfast is a positive and wonderful place filled with kind and friendly people. No where is this better illustrated than a coffeeshop like The Dock. (at The DOCK Cafe)
Today I had the pleasure of visiting  the church that CS Lewis grew up in. A beautiful church filled with very kind people. #vsco #vscocam #cslewis (at St Mark’s, Dundela)
Walled Gardens in Bangor. #vsco #vscocam  (at Walled Garden Bangor)
Golden Throne #irishhumour (at Flagship)
Dubhlinn Garden at Dublin Castle.  (at The Dubhlinn Gardens)